Wednesday, May 12, 2004


I have been COMPLETELY ignoring my AI final and have sat in two videogame hubs (Vgm and smash) two days straight getting E3 footage. There's four insiders divided amongst the two hubs, so videos from ign are quickly shared. And there's at least one guy who LIVES in cali. But yeah, enough talk...order of the day...

It's nice to know tourney level smash 64 is how I played smash with Kenny and Peter in the old days. It's not really mindnumbing, it's all standard. Except for Isai's pika...but I think I'd be able to KO at least 2 times out of 6...those people he was fighting didn't seem to know any of the oh so easy chains. (suplex suplex suplex) In fact Isai's pika was just really really good at edge guarding/aerial wars, he would extend himself off the platform more than Kirby could just to keep you off and could warp safely back.

No, what really impressed me was this guy's MARIO. While kirby and pika are pretty easy to figure out their strategies and we did for ourselves (me kenny brady), mario...hell...this was Mario played to perfection. And it was different, it used different combos, plus it tauntdashed a lot to annoy you with his sounds =D.

SSBM is no contest. I hate to say but it's a much more advanced game...and there are a LOT of more advanced tactics then just...roll around and jump in air and manouver and throw chains into smash. Wavedashing to go under lasers...Marth's Up throw against fox/falco chain, Short hop lasering...wall bombing o.Oa, so many things that I had no clue on during my ... rather short experience with the game. (Like a year before my cube died) But yeah, melee is really quite a beast.

E3. Capcom Fighting Jam. Reused sprites. Fuck you Capcom start fucking redrawing your shit you lazy assholes. Ever heard of GGXX? Wonder why it rapes CvS2? RE4. Downloading movie. Metroid 2...not exactly sure...deathmatch is...who knows it's metroid its NOT a shooter as the pennyarcade people like to bleat. Dark Samus looks nice though. Zelda...what can I say it's OOT shiny. I have yet to get the new Halo 2 trailer but godamn I want it.

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