Thursday, May 27, 2004

Fossilman with the glasses that peer into your soul

Today I went to get the stitches and medical dressings removed from my mouth that were both put in there since the surgery. Thank god cause I HATED eating with those things in, and I hated brushing with them in, and I hated flossing with them in also. Medication is empty, or SHOULD be empty, except for the small fact that I missed a dose sometime last week and there is one pill left. I have to use a different brush for the affected areas and still use that special mouthwash, but a large burden has been removed from my mouth.

In other news, holy crap at the World Series of Poker...we might have another pokerstars winner. Greg Raymer, aka fossilman, is owning up the competition. There were actually two high ranked pokerstars players, 1st and 3rd, but Fossilman ate 3rd place! I use the term ate cause fossilman is fat XD. Really fat. He also wears these hilarious sunglasses (different color each day) that scare the crap out of me. Anyway good luck to him.

Also Kenny and co. (Brady from home, Matt from Jhu) managed to land one of their group into respectable prize money. Brady came in seventh in a one dollar tourney with 619 people, meaning he won twenty or so dollars. Also, Kenny managed to waste every single dollar he had saved/won (like 15) over the course of yesterday and today because he was playing morons. Morons that stay in with 56os with a preflop raise and get river straights. Incidentally, the tournament Brady was in, the final hand was 27os vs like AQ two sevens came down. Just a hilarious way to end the idiocy. Pokerstars I swear you rig your godamn cards.

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