Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Small Update

I've beat Disgaea 2.
Currently unlocking everything in Senogku 2.
And also watching 4 animes.
Sorry, not been updating.
Anyway, little things.

1. Nintendo will win this round.
The minute Sony decided to release a 500$ plastic box with 600 dollars for the full version, they completely said fuck you to everyone.
There's a REASON I bought PS2 so late folks.
Wait till PS3 my fucking ass, I could buy 5 playstation 2s with the money you jokers.
Also, I hear that for backwards compatibility, the 500 dollar version will NOT HAVE MEMORY SLOTS.
They're supposed to tell us later how that will work.

Plus did you see Nintendo's godamn presentation?
27 playable demos?
How the fuck did they pull that off.
Scoring Madden, while I admittedly couldn't give a shit about, but means BIG THIRD PARTY MONEYS AND IS UNFORTUNATELY VITAL TO A CONSOLE'S SUCCESS?
How the fuck did they pull that off.
Zelda twilight princess dual release?
Those bastards!
Even that looked fun.
There's a list of things that just felt good and right and made it good to like Nintendo again.

2. Valkyrie Profile 2 Trailer.
No explanation, just joy.

1 comment:

Lilyes said...

I'm bored, my internet connection sucks so I can't chat. Where's your commentaries on the anime?! How else am I going to go find more fun things to procrastinate on?
Haha, as to those game systems, I might as well not spend that kind of money and amuse myself with good ol' crossword puzzles or something. XD