Sunday, October 01, 2006

Kan-nad (Clever pun on Kanon and Clannad, amirite?)

Haeleth's Kanon translation patch project is officially dead due to "moral concerns" of the head man in charge about piracy.

In short, this is a travesty.

I'll let SirAlex argue for me here, but in short:
Again, I agree with everything in that newspost... but it's not the whole story. What's actually happening is that a choice is apparently being made to place a moral responsibility to Key's intellectual property over the moral responsibility to the people who bought the game on the promise of the patch. It is a fact that harm is being done to people by stopping the patch project for this reason at this time. If that's the call being made, okay, you're justified, I understand - but at least acknowledge what's being done.

He also didn't tell the people he was working with either about his decision, Esprite found out about it three days later after #shrinemaiden linked him.
Honestly, this was one patch I personally didn't care about as an end user, but I can see the huge effect it would have had on the community.
There are people who would have bought Kanon, there are people who DID buy Kanon, because of the prolonged promise of this patch.

It's hard to view this without a certain degree of cynicism ever since the WIND shenanigans happened.

Well, stay in school kids and you too can learn Japanese.

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Anonymous said...

Well, at least AGTH hooks into Kanon nicely. Autotranslation is not great, but passable in this sort of pinch~