Thursday, February 01, 2007


I'm tired of all this.
Truly tired.
For whatever it's worth, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry this information has been used against you in hurtful ways.
I'm sorry that the one person from #SM I told this spread it.
And yet I get the funny feeling you don't even read this blog.
In fact I have a funny feeling this won't even reach the parties it's intended for.

But in the end it's not really his fault, as I wrote it all down here first; clever google hides and all, it would have come to light eventually.
I do not apologize for writing my feelings down in here.
That is what this blog is for, even though it deviated away from it for a long time.
I do not sanitize here, otherwise I would have no where else.

I'm sorry.
If you request though that the entries be removed, I will remove them.
It has to be you though, I can't really trust second hand dialogue anymore.

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