Monday, May 21, 2007

Web2Zone tournament

The place is pretty huge, I didn't know there was a downstairs.
Anyway, MBAC, I got kumuhands.
Suddenly I could not do a bnb.
It made me a sadpanda.
Tourney wise I killed two players worse than me before losing to I think...Zaeler then Dippy.
Blah I need my stick.
Spooky got randomed out by Ciels (Damian and Andrew).
XAQ got randomed into losers by Zaeler before getting mad and crushing everything in his path.
Tinshi showed up late and entered 3s (it was teams).
Somehow he got third.
Arturo and Flare got second.
Mutant and Justin Wong (Using ghetto Yun now), got first.
Damn 3s.

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