Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hevad in WSOP

I have to say this is one of the funniest profiles I have ever read.
Anyway, a little stuff on Hevad.
Same high school, two years below, he was in Kenny's grade.
Gamer fiend, he basically taught all of us Starcraft (Kenny, Brady, me).
Guy really loved his games, and later it was poker.
He used to be known as DS-Strife for SC way back in the day, but when that went to shit and Testie got accused of hacking and whatnot he wanted a clean break, so his name became sG.Rain.
Seems like he stuck with it, cause his poker name was rainkhan, etc etc etc.
Used to play a lot of just neighborhood games with him.
A while back he quit?graduated (I never really pressed him on it) college and moved west to Cali to play poker full time.
Last year or so he made a splash by bankrolling half of Sanford's 2000 money match vs Duc Do.
Now it looks like he's on the road to becoming a millionaire.

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