Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mabinogi is a little different so far.

New random closed beta Korean MMO.
Yes roll your eyes at this crap again.
Anyway in short: Fighting is hard.
It is fairly easy for even low level monsters to fuck your shit up with the system.
Requires a lot of timing, skill spam fails massively.
Magic seems pretty low tier though, just figuring out how to deal with melee shit is hard (and good enough once you do)
I sort of wonder how a group mechanic plays out.

At the moment it's closed beta, only one town, not much to do, in fact you can say multiple people (including myself) have "beaten" the beta.
There's nothing left to do but learn to play custom music in the square.
That and egg farming.

We'll see how the full game goes.
Least it isn't monthly fees or what not, that kind of pricing model has long failed for me...I want to be able to stop a game, not be penalized for not playing it, and come back whenever I choose.

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