Monday, August 18, 2008

Comiket 74 and Super Battle Opera 08

Tougeki 2008 Results

SBO "live feed" this year was pretty ass.
They show one real match, then old footage for like hours, repeat once per game.
No finals or anything.
I have to admit seeing Denpa lose was sort of satisfying -_-.
At least Kubo finally won MBAC, he deserved it.
Efute aka scrub May Dogura NOtoko won GGAC
HENVOKE!!!!!?!?!?! won AH2 using Lilica (wow what happened to all the Yorikos, Catherines, Clarices, Sakis, and Zenias? Lilica is nothing compared to what those broke characters have)
Tekken was won by Anna, Roger Jr., and Bob.
You can read the rest of the results for yourself, I don't really know the people playing the games besides AH2, MBAC, and GGAC.

As for C74, tons of amusing stuff is coming out, but for some reason I'm finding myself liking Fuuka Taisen.
I've never even watched Mai Hime or Mai Otome but the characters have a lol charm.

Messed around with Sora, I still suck at shooters.
I'll put up a vid of me mashing through Level 1 soon.

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering how you unlocked the other characters in Mai-Hime besides Miyu being the obvious? Also Diadra Empty is a personal fav of C74 for me.