Saturday, February 06, 2010


Results are up! Note these are the RAW results, before filtering for fraudulent votes. Keep this note from Ponder in mind:

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It's very hard to tell exactly who got 2nd-4th because of the amount of vote fraud for all the games. This includes people who have multiple accounts voting more than once, suspicious patterns in the voting locations, etc. Even so, if you take away all the suspicious votes for Melty, it still wins by a narrow margin. So while we're confident Melty is the winner, we really don't know who got 2nd.

And a bizarre alternate universe has happened where MBAA has appeared at Evolution before SBO.


Mailorder said...
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Mailorder said...

As I'm typing this, I'm leaving to Choco's place in 15 minutes to pick up MBAA again : p I may actually go to Evo this year, who knows!