Thursday, March 04, 2010

Long rant by Tim Rogers about Japan sucking

Summary of article I guess is:
[16:56] <@fubarduck> so while everything this guy says is true
[16:56] <@fubarduck> he has little right to complain about it
[17:01] <@fubarduck> i should write a book about america's problems
[17:01] <@fubarduck> and how they relate to our subpar videogame development


Anonymous said...

Tim Rogers - Professional Troll

Akuun said...
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Akuun said...

Stuff like that is why that website has trouble looking professional. He made a few good points, but in the end the whole thing was just one long ragepost by a guy who sounds like he was trying to be offended by everything.

I like how he had to justify its place on a game website by adding small paragraphs that linked his ranting to games.