Thursday, September 02, 2010

Jiyuna stories

[10:34] <jiyunaJP> hellow everyone
[10:34] <jiyunaJP> i got drunk today
[10:34] <jiyunaJP> and went to game vamos
[10:34] <jiyunaJP> aka the BB arcade in nagoya
[10:34] <jiyunaJP> the usual crew was there; but HIMAJIN was playing
[10:34] <jiyunaJP> himajin; aka the SBO litchi
[10:34] <jiyunaJP> who beat me 5-0 last time
[10:35] <jiyunaJP> first i played on the red vewlix; because thats where the crowd was gathered
[10:35] <jiyunaJP> and watching some tao fight cpu
[10:35] <jiyunaJP> even though there are 4 setups...everyone was watching tao fight cpu (i dont know why)
[10:36] <jiyunaJP> i beat the tao 3-0 in close, well played matches
[10:36] <jiyunaJP> then everyone moved to the sega cabs and left me to fight cpu ( fuck japan)
[10:36] <jiyunaJP> i finished arcaded mode and watched as the sega cabs got full (so 3 setups, 6 players on sega cabs. me playing alone on red vewlix.) fuck japan
[10:38] <jiyunaJP> finish story mode, get up and go stand at a sega cab that SBO litchi is playing on. wait for my turn
[10:38] <jiyunaJP> SBO litchi has 4 wins, its my turn
[10:38] <jiyunaJP> play him, win first 2 rounds, lose next 2 rounds, neither of us has burst for final round
[10:38] <jiyunaJP> i win
[10:38] <jiyunaJP> 1-0 me
[10:38] <jiyunaJP> next game, just as close, but i win again
[10:38] <jiyunaJP> 2-0 me
[10:38] <jiyunaJP> next games are close, but he cleanly beats me
[10:38] <jiyunaJP> 2-1 him
[10:38] <jiyunaJP> next game close, but i fucking drop combo and hes mashing airthrow during last round
[10:38] <jiyunaJP> he wins
[10:39] <jiyunaJP> 2-2
[10:39] <jiyunaJP> final game, im up 2-1 rounds, i still have two burst
[10:39] <jiyunaJP> i use BOTH bursts during 4th round but still lose
[10:39] * jiyunaJP ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[10:40] * jiyunaJP ( has joined #blazblue
[10:40] <jiyunaJP> lol internet. fuck this fucking shitty country
[10:40] <jiyunaJP> but anyway
[10:40] <jiyunaJP> 2-2 games
[10:40] <jiyunaJP> 2-2 rounds
[10:40] <jiyunaJP> he has 1 burst, i have none
[10:40] <jiyunaJP> final round, he whiffs DP
[10:40] <jiyunaJP> i 5b (dont bait burst) 3c (jump back barrier)
[10:40] <jiyunaJP> he bursts, i IB
[10:41] <jiyunaJP> and rape him, win game
[10:41] <jiyunaJP> win 3-2
[10:41] <jiyunaJP> yell in japanese
[10:41] <jiyunaJP> "ARENT YOU THE SBO LITCHI!?
[10:41] <yeknom> how did you say it in jp
[10:41] <yeknom> wow what a dick
[10:41] <yeknom> lol
[10:41] <L-Knight> lollll
[10:41] <yeknom> pretty good
[10:41] <Rei____> lolllll
[10:41] <L-Knight> stay american
[10:41] <EvilLinkz> hahaha
[10:41] <St1ckBuG_> lollll
[10:41] <jiyunaJP> yo fuck japan
[10:41] <EvilLinkz> I think he was drunk
[10:42] <yeknom> bringing american shit talk to japan
[10:42] <L-Knight> what did he do
[10:42] <yeknom> orz
[10:42] <jiyunaJP> its not even drunk shit talk
[10:42] <jiyunaJP> how are there gonna be 8 people
[10:42] <jiyunaJP> that dont play me
[10:42] <jiyunaJP> and go to different cab to play each other
[10:42] <L-Knight> did they get tight/leave
[10:42] <jiyunaJP> even when im being friendly
[10:42] <jiyunaJP> joking around
[10:42] <jiyunaJP> like during a ragna mirror, i got baited hard
[10:43] <jiyunaJP> and ate a YAMI NI KUWARERO
[10:43] <jiyunaJP> or whatever
[10:43] <jiyunaJP> and i yelled
[10:43] <jiyunaJP> like i give them props when they do good
[10:43] <jiyunaJP> when i do good....they run to different cab
[10:43] <jiyunaJP> fucking nerds
[10:43] <L-Knight> you look mad all the time
[10:43] <EvilLinkz> lol
[10:43] <L-Knight> youre too muscular
[10:43] <EvilLinkz> you're not japanese
[10:43] <Rei____> too american
[10:44] <Rei____> at least in CF they had only one cab
[10:44] <L-Knight> ive had people just watch me do arcade mode
[10:44] <Rei____> so people were forced to play you or wait it out lol
[10:44] <L-Knight> at cf
[10:44] <jiyunaJP> but thats because you're too good LK
[10:44] <jiyunaJP> these people arent scared of me
[10:44] <jiyunaJP> they my level
[10:45] <jiyunaJP> they just wont play me
[10:45] <jiyunaJP> oh yeah
[10:45] <jiyunaJP> and then the kicker
[10:45] <jiyunaJP> after i had my BB drama
[10:45] <jiyunaJP> i left and went to different arcade
[10:45] <jiyunaJP> and bought 2 strong drinks from conbini
[10:45] <jiyunaJP> got drunk, had fun games with troll rachel
[10:45] <jiyunaJP> then came back to serious arcade
[10:45] <jiyunaJP> no more BB....but 2 dudes were playing GUNDAM
[10:46] <FL|alz> lol damn
[10:46] <EvilLinkz> lol
[10:46] <jiyunaJP> i never played gundam before, but i always wanted to
[10:46] <jiyunaJP> so i played 2 games and got raped
[10:46] <jiyunaJP> then walked to other side and asked
[10:46] <jiyunaJP> well i said
[10:46] <jiyunaJP> "you guys really are too strong for me. who's the strongest gundam in this game"
[10:46] <jiyunaJP> they both were like "i dont know..............."
[10:46] <Rei____> lol
[10:46] <yeknom> lol
[10:47] <EvilLinkz> lol
[10:47] <Rei____> I thought it was something like turn-A
[10:47] <yeknom> you gotta realize also that a lot of jp people, especially otaku
[10:47] <EvilLinkz> turn A da gawd
[10:47] <yeknom> will avoid all conversations with gaijin
[10:47] <jiyunaJP> so i was like "well, whos a good gundam to use. its my first time playing"
[10:47] <jiyunaJP> "i dont know............."
[10:47] <yeknom> to avoid having a difficult conversation
[10:47] <jiyunaJP> yeknom: ive been here for two months
[10:47] <jiyunaJP> i know how to make myself sound humble/shitty

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