Friday, January 27, 2012

Phantasy Star Online 2 Alpha 2 starts


As you can see, these are some phenomenally shitty times for someone on the east coast!
To reiterate:
January 27th, Friday (today), 2am to 9am EST
January 28th, Saturday, 4am to 12pm EST
February 1st, Wednesday, 2am to 9am EST
February 3rd, Friday, 1am EST to February 4th, Saturday, 9am EST
Incidentally, today I slept at 6:30AM :V
And woke up at 8 to go to work.

Anyway let's see:
CONCEPTS that are familiar to me from PSP2i:
Weapon elements.
Fusing weapons together to increase the element.
Upgrading weapons.
Shared storage among characters.
Skill disks.
Individual drop system along with the same color coding.

New or different stuff:
Weapon mods, sort of like extra stats or perks to a weapon.
Destroying a weapon with a desirable mod to put onto another weapon.
Multi-party missions. (Seems you can link up to 3 full parties or so at once.)
Class system seems to have skill trees and builds now, I already wasted some RA points on accuracy up.
The character creation, I think I spent an hour with the 9000 sliders.

Anyway, hesitant to put vids up cause Sega might drop a meteor on all the gaijins playing.
But yeah it's pretty familiar and cool at the same time.

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