Thursday, April 19, 2012

Phantasy Star Online 2 Closed Beta starts

Mizuumi is on Ship 5.
If you want to join 4chan go to Ship 4 Channel 4.
If you want to join the PSOW people and most? of the EN userbase go to Ship 2.

Anyway, old/new impressions:
Areas have been redone again, everything is now MORE HUGE (and easier to get lost)
Story sequences/tutorial/blah blah blah didn't care let me hit shit.
Seems even less? stable than Alpha 2, disconnects everywhere regardless of Ship number or how congested a particular server is.
Tons of unique seiyuu voices! Spot the Hanazawa voice (it's unique voice 5)
Starting off as HUmarl this time because HU is the only class I didn't get to 20 in the Alpha cause I sucked and did it last.
I fucking love the new partisan weapon, so strange for a spear weapon.
Absurdly fast cancel windows and attack animations, like the just frames are really close together instead of spaced out extremely far apart (allowing monsters to hit your face for free in between them), all the attacks including the techs have near instant dash cancel windows, the weapon lets you remain mobile like crazy while mashing shit.
Definitely my favorite weapon so far, probably won't even look at wirelance this time around.

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