Monday, August 05, 2013

Arcana Heart 3 Love Max!!!!! Examu Cup Qualifiers 2013 WIP

Location: AQ Square Fukuroi, Shizuoka
Player name: Yukkii / ゆっきー
Character: Fiona

Location: Amusement Park NASA, Nagano
Player name: KAK
Character: Petra

Location: Game Center Starfield, Niigata
Player name: Aida Nako / 相田ナコ
Character: Lieselotte
Other games: Aquapazza, Tamaki

Location: Game Plaza Central Seisekisakuragaoka, Tokyo
Player name: Dr. Strangelove / ストレンジラブ博士
Character: Kamui

Location: Sonic Beam Matsudo, Chiba
Player name: Kitamura / きたむら
Character: Lieselotte

Location: The 3rd Planet Takasaki, Gunma
Player name: Takakun / タカくん
Character: Scharlachrot
Other Games: Aquapazza, THE Konomi

Location: Club Sega Shinjuku Nishiguchi, Tokyo
Player name: Himekishi Angelia / 姫騎士アンジェリア
Character: Kira

Loation: Adores Sapporo Tanukikoji, Hokkaido
Player name: VJ shigu shigu / VJしぐしぐ
Character: Fiona

Location: Sega World Arukas, Tokyo
Player name: BAD END
Character: Zenia

Location: Taito Site, Tokyo
Player name: Shimatsuri / シマツ・リー
Character: Kamui

Location: TAC Kitagata, Fukuoka
Player name: Nasubi / 茄子
Character: Zenia

Location: LOOP Minato, Aichi
Player name: Anago / あなご
Character: Kamui

Location: Game Magmax Kawagoe, Saitama
Player name: Popoi / ぽぽい
Character: Eko

Location: TAC Tobata, Fukuoka
Player name: REU
Character: Angelia

Location: Tachikawa Game Oslo No. 5, Tokyo
Player name: Shirogoma / しろごま
Character: Angelia

Location: Game Fantasia Kasukabe, Saitama
Player name: Jack / ジャック
Character: Catherine

Location: Adores Fujisawa Kitaguchi, Kanagawa
Player name: ya B rotation / やBローテーション
Character: Kira
Alias: Metal Slime

Location: Monaco Nakano, Tokyo
Player name: Wara 2012 / 藁2012
Character: Scharlachrot
Alias: Wara

Character tally as of now with speculation (qualifiers are not done so this will change):
0 Akane (Who still plays this character?)
2 Angelia (REU and Shirogoma are the only Angelias that matter so this won't go up)
1 Catherine (Emujima hasn't qualified yet)
0 Clarice (Last I heard Mirai was playing Marvel lol)
0 Dorothy (Tough break for this character, she's still bad)
1 Eko (Popoi's about as good as it gets for her)
0 Elsa (This character is fucking GOOD, no one qualified with her yet?)
2 Fiona (Really hope we don't get more of this aggravating character)
0 Heart (She wasn't hit as badly as Akane, did everyone move on?)
3 Kamui (Wow, 3 Kamuis, how times have changed)
0 Konoha (Tokibito hasn't qualified yet)
2 Lieselotte (I don't know either of these Liese actually...where's Jackal?)
0 Lilica (Buffed but I don't know Lilica players)
0 Maori (ACT hasn't qualified yet)
0 Mei-Fang (This character is also fucking GOOD, there will be at least one.)
0 Nazuna (Is Himajin still alive?)
1 Petra (KAKO DID IT)
0 Saki (No clue...)
2 Scharlachrot (Wara and...not plum? Takakun? Isn't he supposed to be playing Konomi?)
0 Weiß (lmao wtf is with three super S tier or just below characters having zero qualified? Momiji hasn't qualified yet)
0 Yoriko (ok make that four super S tiers, Buchi hasn't qualified yet)
2 Zenia (At least there are Zenias)

So yeah, no Elsa, Mei-Fang, Weiss, or Yoriko yet is sort of fucked up, even early into quals.
Expect this shit to change.

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