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Examu Cup 2014 Aquapazza brackets

Examu Cup 2014 Final Bracket Page
It's that time again, as one of the three people who still care about Aquapazza in the Northeast, to translate the brackets for Examu Cup 2014 (hype!)
These team names are listed in the order they appear in the brackets, which means the first team is fighting the second team round one, third team fighting the fourth, and the winner of those two fight second round, etc.
No duplicate main characters on a team are allowed, also, this tournament has allowed assist switching, which is why you do not see assists in the list.
That being said, a ton of these names are old hat, so I only expect to see minor deviations from what people have run in the past.
Since we know the matchups I'll try to write something about the teams if I know anything or who I expect to win.
Keep in mind that anyone that has their total VP listed I had to look up, which means they are more or less a relatively new player, a lot of the old gods in this game do not play it regularly as they do not need to, this is why batta isn't first in Konomi VP but is first in Touka (lol) VP.

1.  あかがみ|暁(トウカ)/アルティメット愛佳(愛佳)
akagami: akatsuki(touka)/ultimate manaka aka uragami (manaka)
2.  弾幕結界ブラックレーベル|くにお(リアンノン)/みゅう(このみ)
darnmaku kekkai black label: kunio aka KA aka SUPER RIANNON TIME(Riannon)/myuu(Konomi)
3rd highest VP Touka and THE Manaka god vs THE Riannon god and a Konomi I'm not familiar with.  Akatsuki uses Rina from what I saw, Uragami should be using Mitsuki, Kunio uses Yuki (of course), myuu uses Yuma.  It's sad to see former low-tier team SBO heros uragamai and kunio on opposite teams, but I think Kunio team wins this.

3. 輝きの向こう側へ|cho(トウカ)/BYU(環)
kagayaki no mukougawa: cho(Touka)/BYU(Tamaki)
4.  KIRA☆Power|アイカツ!おじさん(環)/ジン(千鶴)
KIRA☆Power: aikatsu!ojisan(Tamaki)/Jin(Chizuru)
SBO Tamaki vs some alias Tamaki and SBO Chizuru.  I know nothing but the fact that Jin teamed with Kasu at SBO makes me think Kira Power's got this.

5.  ふうせんええ加減にせえよ|ミニッツ(環)/とみー(マルチ)
fuusen eekagenniseeyo: minittsu(Tamaki)/tomy(Multi)
6.  QZ党@西日暮里本部|OZラックス(千鶴)/大宮の風の剣聖バター(このみ)
QZ Party@Nishi-nippori HQ: OZ(Chizuru)/batta(Konomi)
Extremely strong Tamaki/Ulthury and KOG's former partner using Multi/Yuu vs best player in the game Chizuru/Llyr and his partner Konomi/Mizuki.  Really good players all around but honestly OZ's team isn't going to lose in this game ever in a major tournament.

7.  ハンバーグ食べに来ました|ナツメ(環)/みずちゃま(ハクオロ)
hamburger time has come: natsume(Tamaki)/Mizuchama(Hakuowlo)
8.  アイチコワイ|オオゾネ(ハクオロ)/タマ姉の薄っぺらい本(環)
aichi kowai: oozone(Hakuowlo)/tama-nee thin book(Tamaki)
SBO Tamaki plus best Hakuowlo in the game vs old SBO teammates from 2012.  Brackets like to give Mizuchama funny matches, I think his team will be able to win this mirror.

9.  1/2|戦闘員ヒョータ(モルガン)/アスク(トウカ)
1/2: sentouin hyouta(Morgan)/Asuku(Touka)
10.  HALF & HALF|真田@藤沢環(環)/殿下@茅ヶ崎トウカ(トウカ)
HALF & HALF: Sanada(Tamaki)/Tenka(Touka)
8th highest VP Morgan and 7th highest VP Touka (but still unknowns) vs SBO team. Half & Half wins.

11.  ジャイアンとスネ夫|GJM(オボロ)/萌えの伝道師(環)
Gian and Sueno: GJM(Oboro)/Moe missionary(Tamaki)
12.  平均年齢28才|日野(34)(モルガン)/ガメラ(22)(ささら)
Average age 28: hino(34)(Morgan)/Gamera(22)(Sasara)
Highest VP Oboro and 8th highest VP Tamaki vs SBO Morgan and the only Sasara in existence.  Man that team has an Oboro and that other team has a Sasara!  I'm unsure since both teams have one shitty character each, Oboro just sucks and Sasara vs Tamaki is terrible, I think it will come down to whether hino can beat Moe missionary.

13.  念願の切符を手に入れたぞ!!|まるおさん(モルガン)/568(カルラ)
the ticket of my dreams is in my hands!!: maruo-san(Morgan)/568(Karulau)
14.  当日予選抜け2|
Last chance qualifier 2
5th highest VP Morgan and 4th highest VP Karulau

15.  QZ党@北海道九州支部|ダイゴ兵(カルラ)/鷺ノ宮(環)
QZ Party@Hokkaido Kyushu branch: daigo(Karulau)/saginomiya(Tamaki)
16.  たままる!\(^q^)/|ナコ姉(環)/毒アンテナ(マルチ)
tamamaru! \(^q^)/: nakonee(Tamaki)/Poison antenna(Multi)
Best Karulau in the game and one of the SBO Tamaki army vs unknowns.  No way daigo will lose.

17.  風船これくしょん|後藤GTO(アロウン)/ごぼう(カルラ)
fuusen collection: GTO aka fuusen(Arawn)/gobou(Karulau)
18.  みかくにんぐッ!|セイルル(マルチ)/しゃり(このみ)
unconfirmed!: seiruru(Multi)/shari(Konomi)
Old SBO teammates GTO aka fuusen Arawn/Ma-ryan and gobou Karulau/Ma-ryan vs unknown Multi and 3rd highest VP Konomi.  I think fuusen will win this.

19.  燃えジャス勢|Mr.ブシドー(ハクオロ)/両儀式(千鶴)
moe JAS zei: Mr. Bushido(Hakuowlo)/Ryougi Shiki(Chizuru)
20.  ゲームスカイをよろしく|なお(千鶴)/まく(愛佳)
Welcome to Game Sky: nao(Chizuru)/maku(manaka)
6th highest VP Hakuowlo and some random Chizuru vs SBO teammates Chizuru/Llyr and Manaka/Ma-ryan.  Game Sky will win.

21.  元サブカル勢|エムジマ(環)/ネームレス(カルラ)
unknown subculture group: emujima(Tamaki)/nameless(Karulau)
22.  Wake Up,Boys!|タカくん(このみ)/ナオくん(トウカ)
Wake Up, Boys!: takakun(Konomi)/nao(Touka)
emujima is more known as being the best Cathy player in Arcana Heart, I don't know his teammate.  They're against one of the best Konomis and one of the best Toukas in the game.  Sorry emujima you're not winning this one.

23.  当日予選抜け1|
Last chance qualifier 1
24.  目が覚めた|大斬り(カルラ)
i've woken up: daigiri (Karulau)
2nd highest VP Karulau seems to have entered...solo.  At least he gets a bye.

25.  Mr.カラテ|小路KOG(環)/GO1-3151(千鶴)
Mr. Karate: KOG(Tamaki)/GO1(Chizuru)
26.  ロックウエスト|もじりーちぇ(環)/マナ(カルラ)
rockwest: mojiriiche(Tamaki)/mana(Karulau)
King of Grapplers and GO1 vs unknowns.  Yeah I don't need to say it.

27.  ドリームクラブ|NoName(トウカ)/カイザー(アロウン)
dream club: noname(Touka)/Kaiser(Arawn)
28.  QZ党広島大阪支部R|key(モルガン)/のび(環)
QZ Party Hiroshima Osaka Branch R: key(Morgan)/nobi(Tamaki)
This match should be a showcase instead of the above one because it will be close.  Extremely strong Touka and the best Arawn (w/Camyu) in the game vs extremely strong SBO team.  I think Kaiser has got this even if nobi is ridiculously strong because Kaiser's anti-Tamaki tech is top notch.

29.  俺がHIDだ~!|HID(トウカ)/あごうん(アロウン)
I am HID!: HID(Touka)/agoun(Arawn)
30.  もりくまるちぷろ|もりのくまさん(ハクオロ)/マルチプロ(マルチ)
morikumultipro: mori no kuma san(Hakuowlo)/multipro aka Owen(Multi)
Unknown Touka and 2nd highest VP Arawn vs unknown Haku and coolest dude around.  I'll say Owen will win cause I believe.

31.  ガチエンジョイ勢|みやもと(トウカ)/カネコ(アロウン)
gachi enjoy zei: miyamoto(Touka)/kaneko(Arawn)
32.  いとりん様が見てる|いとりんはよとれや(千鶴)/ぐっち@SANGOU(モルガン)
itorin-sama is watching: itorin(Chizuru)/gucchi(Morgan)
Unknowns vs former solo SBO Morgan hero now turned traitor Chizuru and 7th highest VP Morgan.  Maybe itorin feels his disciple is up to snuff but either way they will win this easily.

30 teams (2 last chance)
13 Tamaki
8 Touka
6 Chizuru
6 Karulau
5 Morgan
4 Multi
4 Konomi
4 Hakuowlo
4 Arawn
2 Manaka
1 Riannon
1 Oboro
1 Sasara

Some more team variety than last SBO, however a couple things of analysis.  The Tamaki army is mostly comprised of SBO qualifiers, of the 10 Tamakis that were in the last SBO, only two haven't shown up here, and Aikatsu Ojisan might be tsumiki's alias.  This means Tamaki is going to be running a lot of the show in the early brackets  The Touka army is a lot less stable, outside of nao-kun and NONAME I don't really have faith in the rest.  Four out of the six Chizurus were in SBO, and one is an SBO Morgan turned Chizuru, but honestly GO1 and OZ should remove everyone they meet.  I notice Kouyakane is conspicuously absent, so I'm wondering if he's going for an LCQ spot.  The Karulaus are harder to judge, I only really know Daigo and 568, gobou was in SBO, not very sure on the rest.  Hino and key should be good for the Morgans, curious about Gucchi since Morgan god itorin is his partner (but now a Chizuru traitor.)  I only know two of the four Multis, tomy and owen, good luck to owen.  Same with the Konomis but Takakun and batta are about as good as you can get.  Mizuchama is the only Hakuowlo that matters (sorry oozone).  Kaiser and fuusen hold it up for Arawn. Both Manakas are super good for their character but it is Manaka.  Super Riannon Time is super, but it's Riannon.  The lone Oboro and Sasara...I hope we see them do something, but I don't have high hopes.  At least one of them will get past round 1.

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