Tuesday, August 10, 2004

How many pins on an AMD K6?

My A+ certification exam got postponed till...well Tuesday/today because prometric's servers were down so I couldn't get my testing ID (conveniently never sent in email for some reason) and I couldn't call them because it was a weekend. Anyway my mom went apeshit yesterday when I couldn't register IMMEDIATELY again, so today early morning I think she got on the phone to prometric and gave them hell, cause I took the exam today at 4pm. I passed too. Barely. Wayyyyy too many CPU questions there, I thought I'd have like 2-3 questions at most. Panicked too and forget that Pentium II is Slot 1, Pentium Pro is Slot 8, AMD Athlon is Slot A, etc. etc. etc. I'm also godamn miffed that they only tested slot to cpu, cause I memorized all the SPEEDS of their fucking external/internal buses instead of their sockets. What else...oh right, RAM. Ugh 168 and 184 pins...I should have known that. There's an entire list of crap I should have gotten but forgot in the spur of the moment...but at least I passed.

The Operating Systems section of the test is only four chapters in the review book compared to like...seventeen. I'm pretty optimistic (it's WINDOWS, how hard can it be? =D) that I'll pass it when I take it.

Anyway Taiwan tomorrow, la de da. I'm packing...not really.

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