Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Undeniable Awesomeness of Nagato Yuki

KyoAni's insistence on going out of order as some sort of joke at the fan's expense really doesn't make me angry anymore, as they've conveniently (coincidence I think not) saved all the ridiculously over-budget episodes for the season end to go out with a bang.
And what a bang it will be.
I know what episode 13-14 are about, no spoilers, but let's just say plot wise it's pretty huge.
But enough of KyoAni jerking us around, let's get to what this post is REALLY about.

3 year old space alien, android, glasses girl, no glasses girl, witch, hikkimori, gamer, guitarist, goddess.
Yuki is amazing, as she starts out literally as a super robot and just becomes more awesome.
She changes the most over the course of the novels, and there are some really nice moments (alternate universe Yuki in novel 4, even if it IS an alternate universe Yuki, is still Yuki) as she "evolves."

So...all Yuki screencaps!

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