Friday, June 29, 2007


I didn't know all THREE female lead seiyuus for Haruhi were going to AX.
Thought it was just Aya (more than enough), but Yuko (Mikuri) and Minori (YUKI.N) are both going.
Damn...if they do some live role reprising I will be sad I missed out.

HeartNana (<37, get it? a heart and a seven) fest started this Wednesday but of course due to work I can only go from Friday to Sunday.
Still, I want to see him peace fools out in Arcana and play him in random doozin games.
I am still sad (I'm sure bell is sadder) that he decided to take IaMP completely non-seriously, but eh, what can you do.
Buri keeps throwing out "MONEY MATCH YOU IN MBAC" threats, I didn't think I hurt his pride that much with my remarks :V
Whatever, time to see if I can win.

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