Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Planet Zero, an arcade run by EmotionGear, has done it again.
This time however, instead of failing to pay players and randomly making the Grand Finals of a double elimination tournament single elim on the fly, he has outright spit on the Fighting Game community.

Witness these threads:

In a nutshell:
So.. we waited the 3 months to hear about this GGAC qualifier and little be known emogear substituted one of the players of the winning team with a "Planet Zero Rep". I don't know about you but to spend all that money on a tournament announced to the general public 2 months after it was known by texas players(giving us 4 weeks to prepare) then when a non Planet Zero based team comes in and wins they take out one of the players?? This is just tom foolery and a man of this stature shouldn't be fucking with peoples time and money like this, where is our justice as game players? Shouldn't the winning of an sbo qualifier be enough to go to japan to compete?? I guess in his eyes its not... so.. this is not the first time this has happened and I'm sure others who have qualified *cough*arturo*cough* have been given bullshit in the past.


In short, the Guilty Gear AC team that won the American Super Battle Opera (Tougeki) qualifier spots...isn't going as the same team.
Rather the man holding the qualifiers is replacing ONE OF THE MEMBERS WITH HIS OWN "REPRESENTATIVE."
I don't even begin to understand how this works.
You won the qualifier tournament you should get to go, but because the organizer is making up rules someone else who DIDN'T win gets to replace you on a trip to Japan.
Anyway yeah, this level of crap is HUGE, like the fact the man has the gall to do this has touched off a spark.
Emotiongear doesn't dare post on SRK, but his posts on other forums (ones he owns) come up with the brilliant excuses that basically equate "winning" with "not the best choice to go."
How does an arcade operator get so much influence and money and yet fail to comprehend the simplest rule of competitive games.

I don't see how this guy still has defenders (he does, believe it or not,) but this is the best response I found to them.
Here's an analogy you can cram into your skull. I'll start a tournament series where the winner might not be the people who actually prove their skill. Maybe my friend needs to buy some watermelons, and I decide "I'm going to give him the 70% winnings over the guy who raped everyone". That would show some professionalism, wouldn't it?

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