Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Random Updates

Wow, every single random Japanese youtube channel I am subscribed to is putting out Scarlet Weather Rhapsody vids.
This includes daruism, serikamo, even nakaji39 geez.

In terms of the actual game, I like it.
That is to say, I like it more than probably the rest of the people who played IaMP.
Glitches, wrong block pushback, fly stall and bullshit weathers aside, I find the game is pretty fun.
However, I still do not play with fly, rather I play around it.
Fly is a sort of bullshit mechanic when full abused, people are starting to realize just how powerful and idiotic it can be.
Right now my gameplan as Suika almost entirely revolves around keeping you down so you don't abuse fly, and spamming 2C and preemptive melee if you do.

I get the distinct feeling the current Japanese scene is like our USA scene, there's the old IaMP player base that basically rapes for free, and then tons and tons of new 2ch/4chan scrubs.
Anyway the USA hackers have already made a no weather hack, the rage from super armor is too great.
Japan will most likely keep playing it straight though.

Also youtube seems to be failing more and more on the videos I upload lately, roughly half of the TMN Magist3r set was lost to Youtube's mysterious "Failed" error.
Doesn't matter TMN got a new HD so his seeking times don't suck (and by extension, Fraps) anymore, so he can record his own matches, and I'm back to uploading Tohgeki 3.

Angelia is my main in Arcana Heart 2.
I played for like 3 days straight at the last Spooky gathering.
Actually, I sort of waited until the wee hours of the morning when only Ken and Hal were awake, and had them teach me her BnB.
Then I proceeded to lose 9000 casuals.
I don't know why or when this blasted loli angel wearing only a nightshirt went from annoying to cute, but right now I find her the most hilarious thing in the game.
Bakabakabaka indeed.

In real life news, the douchebag housemate really did use the nuclear option.
That means everyone has a month to leave; I'm looking for a new place.
Hope he dies prematurely to whatever ruptured organs he has.


Lilyes said...

Last spooky gathering? What is that?

Darn your roommate! Good luck finding a new place and getting that internet connection back up soon! ^_~

Xenozip. said...

Man that sucks about the room mate.

Also I don't think I've even seen that angel character in a video anywhere, heh.

And what is this about HD seeking and fraps? Did you solve the mystery of frapslag?