Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dropping the hammer

So our head accountant got let go today.
Literally she walked in the morning and was told through a phone call.
None of us knew except HR.
Passwords/backups/data/mail/hardware/bank accounts all this shit has to be scrambled together before end of day.
Her Indian counterparts are going WTF?
We're going WTF?
Seriously usually you give something like this 1-2 weeks for a transition.
Not here.
HR also would not tell me how long they had known about her upcoming release for.
Like give me a fucking break, respect the procedure but at least make it easier for everyone else who has to pick up the slack left by a GAPING HOLE in our team.
She has no replacement, I don't know who on accounting is going to take over her duties.
Standard India.

Also, I got Starcraft 2 in the mail for 45$.

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