Monday, July 12, 2010

Women's SSIV

Post 1 of 9000
<Cicada-> cuz hte match ended, and stephanie went for a hand shake "can i get ah andshake? no? what about a hug?"

Lol shittalk.
Apparently Stephanie (Bison cosplayer, very cute) walked forward and pressed roundhouse (with Bison of course) and Sherry couldn't deal with it.

In the end though I only had faith in Kayane, and even she didn't look her best in the finals.
Probably cause she was used to fighting real players not random wake up Ultra 2 from Gouken.
Dumbing down your play doesn't look pretty but it's what you have to do against low level.

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Grumpasaurus said...

Puahaha! That guy's like oh c'mon, you've gotta be kidding me...