Friday, March 18, 2011

Arbitrary units of DEATH!

The reporting on this thing has been atrocious.
I thought this was a troll at first but it is an actual fucking chart.
Arbitrary units of what?
For fuck's sakes you're not even trying now!

List of places I am going to not fucking listen to arbitrary units:
NHK, Katz, TBS
NHK sort of slow early on, getting better.
Yokosonews is katz, he's pretty up to date.
tbstv I honestly think has been down forever.
SA thread
Yes I know it's SA forums, but the first post is worth reading because regardless of the situation science doesn't change.
It's a good way to get a quick idea of what can happen in the worst case scenario and what the points of contention are between JP news and the USA news outlets.

Also here's a great example of the type of "reporting" that is being, dare I say it, "crowd-sourced" by nearly every godamn media outlet out there.

AP Photo of TEPCO's director weeping and description.
Looks pretty standard right? (By the way, I don't really trust TEPCO for shit.)
Here is the same photo, now turned into its own article by the Daily Mail.
Apparently Daily Mail is something the equivalent of the National Enquirer over there in Britain but not like it matters!
They're a reputable news source now!
This shit has been mass linked on blogs and other news sites repeatedly; I think the bitterest irony is all the blogs who are always for breaking down conspiracies by the media are swallowing shit like this from the Daily Mail hook line and sinker.
That press conference was translated live on an independent stream (not NHK) and none of the fearmongering garbage in that article was present.

And this is just a single example.

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