Friday, March 04, 2011

Dragon Nest Japan's GMs pull upgrade "hack" stunt

So basically right now in Dragon Nest JP is an event where the first team to beat the new boss "Seed Dragon" get 1000manen. That's 10,000,000 yen, aka rounded down 100,000 dollars. For beating a video game boss. Pretty fucking crazy promotion. Apparently though Seed Dragon is some crazy unbeatable boss with 30 life bars; it has been theorized you'd need a full party (actually I think you can bring 8 people against him) of at least +12 or so equipped characters against him. Equipment in this game breaks at level 6.

Anyway in game, someone of the name of ハヌホメsdaa was upgrading basically the final tier of equipment, presumably for an attempt on the Seed Dragon. Global messages indicating +12, +13, and +14! Apocalypse Mace had been reached (Priest weapon) and people went crazy with excitement. And then someone posted in global chat: "Try to block the dude who got +14." And lo and behold, "YOU CAN NOT BLOCK A GM." appeared. Moments later the character (who was max level), was deleted. People flipped out. Why would a GM be upgrade haxing a final tier weapon in game? The first idea that came to everyone's mind was, "So they could win the Seed Dragon contest by rigging it with supposedly normal players who happened to have really high upgraded equipment." If they announced the winners and honuhome san showed up, no one would be surprised since they saw a fucking +14 in global. Shortly after this there was an "emergency maintenance," that supposedly addressed "security exploit." The community more or less called bullshit and said it was a coverup. According to the community, honuhome san was also a notorious upgrader in Arad Senki way back before the game was transferred from Hangame to Nexon.

So more or less everyone is calling Hangame on basically troll fishing the entire community with a rigged contest using rigged GM characters. Truly hilarious.

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