Thursday, May 05, 2011

DynaMarisa 3D Weapon Mod list


Mana Amp: Attack up
Rapid-fire Mechanism: Faster rate of fire
Quick Supply Circuit: Faster reload speed
High-precision Sight: Increased accuracy
High-capacity Magical Furnace: Increased clip size
High-explosive Rounds: Increased blast range
Long Barrel: Increased range
Accelerated Shooting Machine: Faster rate of fire and increased range
Vampirizer: Absorb enemy HP
Life Amp: HP up
Shield Deployment: Damage reduction
Last Draw: The last projectile in the clip will deal significantly? more damage
High-piercing Rounds: Projectiles will pierce
Burst Mechanism: Fires two projectiles at once per shot, uses twice the ammo as well
Limit Remover: Attack up and faster reload and increased blast range, lower accuracy
High Seeker: Homing ability increased

Some notes:
Mods are more about addressing weaknesses then amplifying strengths in this game early on.
Mana Amp is always solid.
Rapid fire helps a lot on slower knockback weapons.
Same with quick reload on slow as hell rocket launchers.
Increased accuracy I find useless.
High capacity is generally solid, at low levels it won't increase a clip size of 1 above 1, but the higher levels it will, which can make it worth it on certain one shots.
I'm not really feeling high-explosive rounds.
I guess long barrel could be mildly useful on assault rifles, but I got a demon gungnir early, so...
Accelerated long barrel is a double mod so it's good
Early on vampirism is good, later difficulties it is useless.
Life Amp is ehhh.
Shield is ehhh as well.
Someone on JPBBS reports Last Draw 2 increases Demon Gungnirs last shot by about 3x. (12k)
Piercing is amazing. Even level 1 (pierce one enemy) is useful with the right weapon.
Burst is decent, sort of like a ghetto pierce. If you combine the two however you can have some real fun.
Limit remover is generally good because accuracy isn't that important.
High Seeker I've only seen on a single gun.

Shit you want to be looking for on Masters:
Demon gungnir (if you have piercing and burst fire the better), piercing and burst shotguns, DEBMAX, piercing and burst assault rifles, Master Spark, Leviathan?, Ragnarok, Nothingness gungnir


Bone said...

I only started playing like 2 days ago. I am trying to find out which mods do what, and I hope my findings will be useful:

Mana Amp: is good with either High Damage output weapon like Gungnir (to kill boss) or High DPS weapon
like Rifle.

Rapid Fire and Fast Reload sucks at low level, except they are along with other useful mods, but yea they are very good to have even if one mod on higher level.

Note on Rapid Fire: for some odd reason, it doesnt increase RoF for rifle, like I have a lvl1 RF on a Rifle which have orginal RoF 10RPS, but it doesnt increase when having the RF mod?

As for accuracy, yes they are useless on some weapon, especially short-range ones, but for long-range sniping, very useful.

Like using a Gungnir or a Rocket Launcher on the walking tanks (from very far distance) or the last boss when you need to snipe its eyes. Try having a B grade accuracy on a Gungnir (have a limit break mod) and try sniping, its annoying when you keep missing.

I ignore all High Capacity mod on low level, on high level, they are only useful on High Damage output but low on magazine weapons, making those faster to kill bosses.

High-explosive Range: its good to nuke mobs from a far but kinda sucky on higher difficult stages when the enemy moving freaking fast. But I still this mob, well I like blowing things up =D

long barrel: is only good on shotguns or rifles on higher level, really, most Gungnir and Rocket Launcher and go for a very far distance, I prefer Accelerated mod to make the bullets go faster.

On other note: long barrel might also be useful on Homing Missle Launchers like Starbow series, my fav one is Starbow RS which make sharp turns.

About your Accelerated Shooting Machine: it doesnt increase RoF I think.

Vampire is kinda sucky because it decrease your HP (Lvl 1 25%, Lvl 2 50%, src: touhouwiki, self-played), but i think is good to to have the mod on AoE long-range weapons (didnt check how many HP it leachs)

>(continued next post)

Bone said...

>(continued from last post)

Life amp: well I dont know why you dont like it, but it is useful because it stacks

Let say you have 2 weapon both have lvl3 Life amp and your HP is 1k, your new HP will be 1000x1.3x1.3 = 1690 not 1000x1.6 = 1600
On max lvl: HP2500 x 1.5 x 1.5 = HP5626 -> increase chances of survival
but well yea, they are not that useful if just them alone, I usually have at least one weapon (that I think I wont use much on a certain stage) with Life amp, you dont need to switch to that weapon to increase your HP, its passive

"Shield is ehhh as well." I kinda agreed on that, its more like having Life amp is more useful than shield
On the other note: the shield doesnt reduce AoE blast that you got from your own weapon (bombs, rockets)

Now for the Last Draw: yes I had the same questions as your "deal significantly? more damage", it turns out not quite

Try-it-out: have a missle launcher with 2 Rockets per magazine and having LD mod, shoot to the ground (better having low dam ones), try to calculate the dam you got from each bullets.

My result: Blaze-FR1 with LD
FR1 power: 125, reload: 4s
first bullet does exactly 125 dam
second with LD does 162 O_O

From Wiki: Last Draw Lvl1
Times reloaded x 15% damage increase
At first, I think Times reloaded is the reload time; after the experiment, I think its the times that you reloaded on that weapon, but still the increased dam is always 125->162
I didnt find any LD lvl2 yet, hope they are better

About the JPBBS reports, I really its not true, need someone proving it.

Yep piercing are awesome, all my weapon types have at least one weapon with piercing mod xD

Burst are good too, but combining Burst and Piercing on high dam weapon is kinda wasted if the mob arent in a line or on few mobs

Burst is also good on low RoF weapon, it doubles the RoF

Limit remover: only good on those which doesnt require accuracy like shotguns or rapid fire rifle or even homing missles, but think twice before using a sniping gungnir.

High Seeker: good on low homing rank missles (well most high version of missles launcher have better homing), I have like 2-3 weapon that have HS mod:

One on a bombs - doesnt homing lol, i think it bugs
One on Lightning Strike gun - i really dont know how it works on those guns
And one on one of missle launcher - cant tell

There is some rifles with homing att shown on wiki, didnt found one, so i guess rifle bullets can do the homing is you found one with HS mod

To sum up, killing mobs, use piercing, accelerated, rapid fire mods for faster kills; whereas for bosses, go for either high DPS or high damage output LONG-RANGE weapons, I used the RPS and Reload time to calculate true DPS if you holding the fire button