Thursday, May 26, 2011

Steins;Gate novel/anime differences list and random theories part 2

5. Baiten senshi (our part time warrior)'s first half of her introduction is cut out. The two main story points lost from this are:
a. Mr. Braun wasn't actually advertising for a part-timer (I mean no one even buys anything), but Suzuha actually begged him over the phone for the position when she called.
b. Two lines get said in the VN but not the anime:"I don't know anything about this organization or whatever, but if anything troubles you I can take care of it." Not only that but the line after basically says "This includes dirty work." The tone sounds like either offering assassination services or bodyguard work.

6. Okabe learns of John Titor on @channel through his phone. The posts show that "John" has no knowledge of Akihabara slang (so kwsk and w and such are lost to him). He also learns of John Titor's disappearance from the year 2000 through searching on his phone, not the computer. Not only that, he is reasonably well-versed in Titor to know what a IBM 5100 is already.

7. Moeka shows the picture of the IBM5100 to him and he asks what is that, she replies "An IBM5100." She ALREADY knows what it is. Not only that, Okabe already knows what it is as well and replies with, "The computer John Titor's looking for?" Keep in mind that in this world Titor just appeared on @channel, so honestly no one should know about IBM5100s in detail or be looking for them.

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