Thursday, June 02, 2011

Dangan Ronpa

Sort of late to the party, but basically the premise of this game is:
15 students, each specializing in a certain area, are trapped in the same campus for life.
The only way to graduate is to murder someone.
Once someone is killed, a "school trial" is held.
If the true culprit is found out, s/he is only PUNISHED. (Not killed.)
If everyone gets the wrong culprit, that person graduates, and everyone else left gets punished.

The main character however says fuck it and resolves to only find true culprits, and refuses to murder others.

This system is pretty wacky to me, because it basically encourages:
1. If at first you don't succeed, try and try again!
2. If you make the first move and fail, you are returned to the pool. Meaning someone else can try and frame you for it pretty easily.
3. The main character is basically saying "no one leaves here on my watch," which can be viewed as noble or suicidal given the environment.

Anyway I only know about this game because Urobuchi Gen started twittering about it plus they got the 74 year old Doraemon voice actor out of retirement to play a psychotic bear principal.

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