Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A penny for your interesting metaphors

<OBVIOUSLY> i discovered a couple of good tracks from watching old miku concerts last night
<OBVIOUSLY> i hella sperglorded out on that shit
<sibladeko> old miku concerts
<sibladeko> sperglord
<OBVIOUSLY> world is mine remix was nice i actually could listen to it
<OBVIOUSLY> i usually hate that song
<sibladeko> lol
<sibladeko> which remix out of 9000
<OBVIOUSLY> it's the mike ross of vocaloid music
<OBVIOUSLY> slopfest central
<OBVIOUSLY> blah blah blah eat cakes
<OBVIOUSLY> blah blah yadayada i have no melodySEKAIIIIII DE ICHIBAN NO HIMESAMA
<OBVIOUSLY> the live concert remix in 09
<OBVIOUSLY> the live accompaniment did wonders
<OBVIOUSLY> and cleaned up vocals
<sibladeko> hahaha
<sibladeko> that is probably the most bizarre metaphor i've read in a while
<OBVIOUSLY> you know it's true

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