Wednesday, August 24, 2011

AoS2 1.1

Things fixed:
1. Hime's SA infinite was "fixed" by moving the dash cancel window way later in the animation. What this has done is basically made her a sitting duck on chain whiff, however the infinite still exists, albeit with much stricter timing, because the hit stun on SA is still very high. Hime's SAA target combo dash cancel window has been entirely removed so the lazier SP WA WA infinite is gone.
2. Saki's WB now pushes the opponent back after a certain number hits, it feels frustratingly inconsistent. Saki's dash SB pushes back after a certain amount of hits also. Mefidex thinks the dash SB infinite is still doable but I think this more or less kills both of her infinites handily. What I don't like though is to combo off WB at all now you're basically forced to mash D everywhere because of the knockback pushing them away.
3. Alte/Mira Advanced mode bug fix. Too used to Standard for Mira by now anyway (one button tornado hyper!).
4. Sora laser hyper changed from 9f to 18f startup. The laser animation actually appears before the hyper hits, meaning it's pretty easy to move on reaction now. Still comboable into and out of.
5. Sora delayed missile speed slowed considerably. Don't know if this was needed.
6. Sham Sprite and Dwarf HP increased. Still Sham tier.
7. Iru slow-moving missile of doom now explodes (and still hits) if you destroy it before impact.
8. Kae can direct where the opponent files after her SA combo with directionals.

Overall, pretty welcome.
I believe Sora delay missile didn't quite need the nerf, just the hyper, which was dealt with.
I still have not quite figured out how to adjust as Saki to the knockback on WB.
The Star Breaker players have a legitimate complaint in regards to sticky mines sticking on Nanako's idle bits, though I mean they'd stick on her Eater Reef anyway (Edit: SB homing bits do NOT stick on Eater Reef), it just makes it a tiny bit less silly.
Tsih infinite was not fixed. Does it need to be? I honestly don't know.
Hime still has no anti-ballistics besides beam, I wonder if it's intentional now.

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