Monday, August 15, 2011

AoS2 full

Anyway version 1.0 is exactly the same as the Demo with more characters, which means NO NERFS to expected dumbshittery.
Hoping for the Sumika patch (story mode patch) to help shit.
List of stuff I want fixed (starting with just game stuff then gameplay balances, warning theory fighter):
1. Fix advanced for the characters that it breaks on. Alte and Mira in advanced have no access to neutral (Hyper+WA) hyper at all.
2. Fix netconfig.exe crashing after you open a port.
3. Fix netconfig.exe randomly erasing the netconfig.txt!
4. Fix Saki's infinite. I really like how she plays though, introduce some sort of pushback if you do two or something, I don't know.
5. Nerf Sora's hyper. It is a 9 frame full screen ungrazeable hyper. Get out.
6. Make Hime's WA kill missiles again. Hime has absolutely nothing to kill ballistics except hypers.
7. Buff Mira's melee. Speed it up, increase the range, make it so she's not running away from non-melee characters or continually losing out to Kae mashing dash melee, this is absurd for a ninja character.
8. Buff Sham's everything. I don't know how you'd do this, make the blocks homing? Make them faster, make them explode when destroyed? She's just ass.
9. Nerf Kyoko and maybe Nanako and Mira's meter build. Feels downright absurd at the moment.
10. Fix Hime's infinite. It's pretty match viable and doesn't really address her faults at all.

That's all I can think of at the moment.

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