Saturday, December 24, 2011

On cleaning Malware/Viruses

So this past week I had to deal with four cases of malware, three of them for a SINGLE remote user.
Now my dad has malware and of course he is asking me to clean it.
I've done this so many times but only now have I really started getting pissed off.
Because it is the most retarded ratio of time used:problems solved in existence.
I use half a day or more to save these machines, where is our Acronis real time image server so I don't have to deal with this garbage?
I should send them all to Best Buy where they will just wipe your drive for 500$ and say "unfixable."
Honestly it's because my success rate is something like 99.999% (I failed ONCE. And that user was remote, I can't teleport.) that every time a remote contractor has a problem, they call iTAC/Florida branch, and then they get redirected to me.
My title says "Systems Specialist," not Tier 1 monkey support.
I actually run NO antivirus on both my desktop and my work laptop (I just use noscript, adblock, and a bunch of clean tools.)
I have gotten infected three times in my entire life.
One was from a game trainer, one was from a game trainer site's ad injection, and one was from browsing Wikia.
Hence my browsing behaviors now. (Don't go to gamecopyworld w/o noscript!)
I've given up looking for prevention against Day 0 shit (I believe honestly there is no difference between all the AVs except their community on dealing with Day 0, with Kasperky ranking at the top of the list while corporate type AVs like Norton and Symantec ranking dead last) and I just have tons of cures instead.

What really fucking annoys me is the sense of entitlement some people have now.
I talk to that SINGLE remote user (who got infected 3 times in a week before Christmas) on a daily basis so it is paramount that our relationship remains good, but it's really been a roller-coaster recently.
At some point in time I just became tired of the bullshit.
In four years how many times have I cleaned your computer for you?
And then you go and blame the laptop for "being junk."
Flat out even if we give you Windows 7 and a new machine I fully expect you to get infected again, just because I'm always here to fix it so you haven't changed your browsing habits at all.
"Where did you go?" "Oh, no where."
How many times have you said that to me when you've gotten infected probably the most times out of every single employee in this company?
I don't understand how you can possibly think this can sustain itself.
One day I wish for the closure of the entire Florida branch so I no longer have to deal with your viruses and the viruses of all the remote people we are bodyshopping.
Hey management let's get out of the low level contracting business already.

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