Wednesday, December 21, 2011

White Canvas vs ZUN (not really)

Initial ZUN blogpost leading to shitstorm
White Canvas response
Full translation

<TempMobileName> ok lol just read that w canvas thing
<TempMobileName> so its contracts dispute
<TempMobileName> faito go go
<MaullarMaullar> poor draftsmanship
<MaullarMaullar> should've retained me
<mauve> heh what happened contractwise?
<TempMobileName> didnt catch all detail but basically white canvas saying it did everything in accordance with agreement with zun
<mauve> of course
<TempMobileName> this part is unrelated to tasofro
<TempMobileName> and didnt know tasofro had management corporation running it
<TempMobileName> i bet tasofro set it up to dodge liability
<TempMobileName> so apparently soon after zun/wcanvas agreement on touhou marketing
<TempMobileName> the company that deals with zun's ip rights changed
<TempMobileName> and things started to blow up from there
<mauve> interesting
<TempMobileName> the new company wanted new contracts with w canvas on stuff related to touhou marketing
<TempMobileName> and if im getting this right, the new contract had provisions different from one it made with zun before
<TempMobileName> that white canvas didnt like
<TempMobileName> dunno if it agreed to it anyway
<TempMobileName> lemme look
<TempMobileName> yeah white canvas didnt sign
<TempMobileName> and wcanvas is saying that if it didnt sign new contract, the old one with zun holds (which gives white canvas more rights i guess)
<TempMobileName> and the new touhou-marketing company is pissed
<TempMobileName> i guess thats the gist?
<TempMobileName> and white canvas is talking to zun's and that marketing company's rawyers
<TempMobileName> and suing is only against tasofro (= limited liability company SUNFISH)
<sibladeko> how is tasofro involved
<TempMobileName> tasofro claimed white canvas didnt pay tasofro whatever money owed
<TempMobileName> from selling rights or whatever
<TempMobileName> white canvas says it paid everything lols
<sibladeko> welp we'll see
<TempMobileName> and mad at zun for spreading unconfirmed shit to general public when he's technically a third party

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Anonymous said...

> and mad at zun for spreading unconfirmed shit to general public when he's technically a third party

If ZUN's going to take action like say... stop letting White Canvas sell his games, doesn't he need to kinda... explain why he's doing that? I would kinda expect an explanation from Nintendo if they stopped letting Gamestop or whoever sell Skyward Sword out of the blue.

I really dunno how to phrase that without making it sound obvious <_<.