Thursday, March 23, 2006

Immaterial and Missing Packets

Ok, for a while there was a netplay patch for Immaterial and Missing Power.
However, the lag was pretty atrocious, and the highest frame rate I got was 45 and still able to do moves.
You could get 60 frames, but lost all ability to do a command (cause of frame skip).

ANyway, a new netplay patch has appeared, that COMPLETELY rapes the old one. (Different programmers).
I can play 60 fps to people on the west coast, and lose to more people than ever before.
Plus playing at normal speed makes it a lot closer to the real game, instead of 0 frame blocks and seeing crap coming 900 miles away.
Lol it's like everyone has rediscovered IaMP again, this is HOW good this netplay patch is.
It even lets you spectate.

Only cons are many desyncs.

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