Sunday, October 26, 2008

A bit too realistic...

This link basically takes a shitload of comparisons between the anime "Kannagi" and the real life town it is based on.
Hell, you can see Kannagi's run down ass house if you click, though the originalpost has censored the initial google screenshot preview. (I've uncensored it here)

I remember thinking that it was really cool that Hinamizawa/Shirakawa was a real town.
But lately it seems more and more anime aren't even bothering to think up their settings, they just go to a town, photograph it, then draw the photographs, or even photoshop directly over them.
Maybe it helps people connect to the anime more.
People in that town anyway...(and for the people of Lucky Star town, milk it for all its worth.)
It sort of smacks to laziness to me though.

Added bonus:
Clannad: After Story doing the same thing.

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Lilyes said...

I think it's kinda cool, gives it a sense of realism.