Sunday, October 19, 2008

MBAA impressions

Played it.
Mad tired, quick post about what I saw.
ctohno, cvakiha, fakiha, faoko, haoko, cwarc, fwarc, hnero, ckohaku

ctohno's jC hitbox has been increased tremendously. Ken and I were getting hit by this shit all day, it was mind-numbingly stupefying. Apologies to nightwolf if we sound like haters, but we are!

cvakiha randomly scrubbed out ctohno. No clue how he pulled it off, just flying around.

fakiha has a fucking infinite off her yakuza 6b kick into flame pit. Zar got at most, 4 reps. Lots of held flame pits everywhere, shit is annoying.

faoko is sortta silly, finger shots and all, weird orb lasers, somersault is of course worse than flying i'm going to kick you, but rithli still won with it anyway.

haoko has all the broken nonsense you've seen, but it is quite hard to pull off, zar might have got the charge kick loop once and the ex orb projectile relaunch combo once in all the hours of play we had. I still took 3k off a fucking charged beam though to die.

cwarc feels very familiar. Advanced bnb is much easier to do, first jc hits like 100% of the time. Geass ring is AMAZING, shit is fast and goes full screen and is oh so good. Wish she had a normal small ring that did that :V Still couldn't quite fit 6c seamlessly into my game, I know she can do some great shit like 5b5a6c2c5c etc. now. j2c ender is extremely viable, but not sure what to do on landing, i wonder if i can air dash after it if i haven't used it yet.

fwarc is too fucking weird. jb is weird, 2b is some weird ass slide, 236 rekkas are huge plus frames, couldn't figure out her bnb

hnero is nero with a bee and more annoying. long island joe figured him out pretty quick, hoaaaaas all around PLUS A NORMAL DASH AHHHHHH. One bnb into max is sucks too :V

ckohaku is sortta crazy, a LOT of crossup hi low bullshit off knockdowns that is pretty hard to read. ken says 6c loop is much harder than it looks, he can't do it yet, just repeated 5b loop atm.

I'll have some pictures but honestly I've never used my cellphone camera before so it might be a bit before I figure out how to put them online.

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