Saturday, October 11, 2008

Once again my name is Tropsy and I have no clue what I am talking about!

[09:49] <@nonotan> warc j.a
[09:49] <@nonotan> is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
[09:49] <sibladeko> ...
[09:49] <@nonotan> chuugoku j.a
[09:49] <sibladeko> um
[09:50] <@nonotan> and I'm very serious
[09:50] <sibladeko> yeah i knokw you are
[09:50] <sibladeko> considering how much warc ja usage we see
[09:50] <sibladeko> that isn't just rbing
[09:50] <@nonotan> j.b also hits below further than chuugoku j.a lol
[09:51] <sibladeko> frame box dispute!
[09:51] <sibladeko> on that one
[09:51] <sibladeko> :V

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