Friday, January 02, 2009

2ch ownership transferred to Packet Monster Inc

2ch founder Hiroyuki just posted saying that he has completed transferring the ownership of 2ch to some company called Packet Monster Inc, and the FAQ on 2ch reflects that. No other information is given about the transfer.

[01:06] <Kilvear> where's splayko?
[01:07] <ShardZ> and splayko's around, just not talking in this channel atm
[01:07] <Kilvear> oh well
[01:07] <Kilvear> least if he was reading zepy's blog
[01:08] <Kilvear> the company that was transfered to doesn't exist
[01:09] <Kilvear> i went to the address listed but there's no such company on the whole street
[01:10] <Kilvear> lol
[01:11] <Kilvear> anyways the company cannot be registered as an Inc
[01:11] <Kilvear> the company 2ch is transfered to is called Packet Monsters Inc
[01:11] <Kilvear> locally there's only LLP or Pte Ltd
[01:12] <Kilvear> pictures when i get home
[01:13] <+sibladeko> kilvear
[01:13] <+sibladeko> you and your tinfoil hats
[01:13] <+sibladeko> so nothing at the address?
[01:13] <Kilvear> nope nothing
[01:13] <Kilvear> its a row of shophouses
[01:13] <Kilvear> most office workers are seen there eating
[01:14] <Kilvear> went down the street to confirm
[01:14] <Kilvear> don't see Packet Monsters Inc only finanical consultant firms
[01:14] <+sibladeko> should have knocked around
[01:14] <+sibladeko> maybe they are in a building :V
[01:14] <Kilvear> i took some pictures i will upload them tonight
[01:15] <Kilvear> its just 2 levels
[01:15] <+sibladeko> stop getting them in trouble kilvear lol
[01:15] <Kilvear> LOL
[01:15] <Kilvear> i'm a pesky reporter afterall

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Lilyes said...

Huuuh, that's very interesting. Sold to a non-existing company or at least with the wrong addy. eheheh.