Saturday, January 03, 2009


Is awesome.
Haven't had this fun in a while.
I want to say not that difficult too, expect it was a learning process.
That and Knell and I still do not know how to beat the final final part.
We are at a loss, and if you lose you lose all your continues and it's instant game over too :<
If you have any ears at all you'll probably recognize the two main character's voice actors.
Horie Yui and Kugumiya Rie.
I think if you unlock the third secret character she is voiced by Yuko Goto.
Seiyuu are pretty cheap!

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Lilyes said...

Yuko Goto, isn't that the seiyuu who did the voice for the alien in Haruhi (omg, I can't believe I forgot the name already). Looks pretty neat though~ The link at top isn't working. =/

Oh, my Xmas card is also going to be late although maybe this warning is moot since I've mailed it already and you may have already received it.