Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Actual play footage.

So Keits posts three times about this game on SRK front page and Stupid Retarded Kids explode because of too much anime.
Also lol, Japan more pessimistic than #Umineko because "oh no combo game."
Also damage is spelled DAMEGE aka DAME GE- aka "do not want game"

Anyway analysis:
It is a tag game, lifebars seem shared between characters, super meter is not.
There are three life bars total per pair.
Tagging is called "Touch."
Canceling an attack into a tag attack is called "Attack Touch."
Bursting out of hitstun into a tag switch costs two meters of your sub and is called "Damage Touch."
You can combo into and out of tags.
There is a life gain mechanic of some sort.
There is a guard meter.
There is a shitload of projectiles.
The toolshed stage either phases in and out of normal and ritual or it's some type of game effect (think arcana activations in AH1 and AH2).
Backed up by the fact that in the clip after Lucifer goes into snap finger pose and the background changes.
Beatrice has something called "Infinity SP"
Battler has something called "Ressurection"
Kanon has something called "Silent Attack"
Shanon has something called "Auto Guard"
Eva has something called "Berserk"
Chester has something called "Break Boost"
Lucifer has something called "Attack Touch" (different than normal attack touch?)
Ronove has something called "Counter Boost"

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