Tuesday, November 23, 2010



God Beatrice sounds hilarious.

Anyway further shit:
Ange: Stun Boost (She gets a lot more hit stun on her attacks)
Battler: Resurrection (He heals life)
Beatrice: InfinitySP (One super she chooses costs nothing?!)
Lucifer: Attack Touch (Can tag in even if she is in waiting status)
Kanon: Silent Attack (Seals opponents SP gain when he hits them? Or makes them gain less, not sure.)
Shanon: Auto Guard (What it says...sort of vague, I don't know if it means you don't have to block mixups yourself or what.)
Eva: Berserk (??? Probably more damage)
Chester: Break Boost (Almost positive that she does increased guard damage)
Virgilia: ??? (???)
Ronove: Counter Boost (??? Guessing he does retardo damage off CH)

Serious thoughts.
Siesta looks ridiculous, guard damage is really absurd plus arrow spammy character along with rushdown type normals.
Not sure about Beatrice, she sure is elegant looking though.
Also if Shannon's shit lets her not have to block mixups she will be easy ass scrub character.

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