Thursday, September 08, 2011

Perry cuts funding for firefighting by 75% while Texas burns.

I think this is probably the easiest soundbyte I've heard in a while.
Like this could have come straight out of someone's campaign machine, doesn't it have an amazingly simple ring to it?
The GOP has always been way better than the Dems at making one-liners like this, so why aren't we seeing this amazing line being used in the GOP Presidential debates?

Because it brings up the fact that:
1. This is what all the freshmen Republicans (and quite a few of the Presidential candidates) have been running on platform wise. (NO TAX RAISES, ONLY SPENDING CUTS, INCLUDING TAX CUTS, WHICH AREN'T ACTUALLY SPENDING CUTS.)
2. You need federal aid sometimes when your state is hit by a hurricane or on fire.

So basically this soundbyte is off-limits to everyone in the GOP primary right now (especially Ron Paul).
But man if Perry wins the primary...I wonder if Obama's side would be willing to use it.
Probably would be, seeing as they're scraping bottom.

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