Thursday, September 15, 2011


Tons of system technicals shown off here:
Four buttons, layed out in a square:

A - Weak attack
B - Strong attack
C - Persona attack
D - Persona Rush

Lifebar, you get the idea.
SP gauge, used for EX attacks and supers.
The gauge below your lifebar is the Persona gauge. If you drain it, you enter PERSONA BREAK and you can't use your Persona or burst.

S ATTACK: Mash the A button for easy combos! Something about being able to cancel it for 50 meter into a big flashy finisher.
BURST: ACD. Gold bursts are available. Something called "One More Burst," "the moment you hit, you can really beat the fuck out of your foe"
R Action: B+D. An invincible move. Drains from the HP gauge briefly; will recover over a short time.
Beatdown Rush: pound AB after hit, then C or D. Pound AB for an overhead attack, then hit C or D for a followup. C is a launcher, D knocks opponent to the side (wallrush?)
Awakening: Activates at low life. Increases defense, Awakening moves become available (SDMs?) SP gauge max goes up to 150SP, and you gain 50SP for free.

Persona Break: When your Persona's out, damage to it or you decreases the Persona gauge. (Jojo's?)

Other misc functions:
P Combo: Gatling strings (A->B->C).
Sweep: Down + A + B
Quick Escape: A + C. "Moves to dodge attack."
Mini-jump: Down + A + C (hop?)
Air Turn: A + C in midair. You turn. IN THE AIR.
Throw: C + D. Unblockable (duh) and can be done in the air. Break with C+D.
Ukemi: Push a button while falling/hitting the ground.
Guard Cancel Attack: Forward + A + B while guarding. Costs 50SP. Has some invincible frames.
One More! Cancel: A+B+C. 50SP. Roman cancel.
Super Cancel: "Buffer certain supers during a special move: cancel into super, costs HP"

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