Sunday, October 30, 2005

Quick updates.

Tasofro has updated Eternal Fighter Zero to 4.01 AKA Memorial.
Two new characters (Akiko aka Nayuki's mom and awake Nayuki) and Kanna is now selectable without haxing the game.
Kanna is still cheese, and she banned from all competitive play because she is cheese.
Akiko's level 3 desparation super (No longer called overdrives, now called final memories) is fucking hilarious.

And, away we go!
All stolen from that grump Kalciane, I can't believe someone managed to convince him to keep Eternal Romancia alive =D
Good for them I say.
Nayuki Minase (awakened)

V-Type Thrust: 236+attack
Somersault Spike: 623+attack
Nayu-chan Twister: 214+attack (air-capable)
Nayu-chan Kick: 412+attack (air-capable) [this is a typo; it's 421]

Eterny Special
Ground to Air Freezer: 236236+attack
Super Nayu-chan Kick: 214214+attack (air only)
Memories of the Snow Rabbit or some shit: 641236+attack [F, HCF]

Final Memory
Totteoki no Collection: 236236+S

Akiko Minase
Freshness of the Food is Important: 236+attack
Let's Finish Preparation Quickly: 623+attack (repeat two more times for normal, 5 times for EX) [NOTE: The first two inputs are done on the same side, the third input is reversed. For the EX version, the first two are done on the same side, and every subsequent command is alternating, so if you were facing right, you would do 623C, 623C, 421C, 623C, 421C)
Don't Panic No Matter What: 214+attack
Cleaning Briskly: 41236+attack

Eterny Special
Let's Fail Next [what]: 236236+attack
Mischief is Useless?: 214214+attack
This is the Secret to a Second's Approval: 641236+attack [F, HCF]

Final Memory
Times When It is Not Sweet: 2A2BC

Character Changes
Ayu: Air EX 623 changed, scimitar goes down now.

Shiori: EX 214 changed, only one snowman comes out and he turns into a cold vortex.

Kaori: You can use Leg Smasher now (2C while in 66) [Haven't been able to get it myself, and the few times I did what looks like a normal sweep]

Makoto: j.C changed, and now has an added normal j.2C which was her old j.C. Nikuman is now 263S.

Mishio: Moves added. She now has elemental-aligned 623 (will drop the element once done) and 6C in Fire mode, a natural launcher. This move is quite good, I played around with a bit.

Mai: Loli Fireball is now Loli Electric Spark. Ugh, nerfed. (Loli Punch is also now Loli Stick Whack, but that was too minor for them to document, apparently)

Sayuri: Magical On Stage is now 22AD not 22AC. Also, Starball only hits once regardless of distance. What. (The multi-hitting Starball was actually neat, why'd they change it)

Mizuka: Smash and Sympathy (the hopping attack) is now 421, not 63214. Pitch and Bend (236 without violin bow) has a C version; it pushes the bow away from you. Tone and Setup B and C (F note) are changed: B will create a single treble-clef note that can be popped once, and C creates a triplet note that bounces around scattering more notes.

Nanase: Her Overdrive (Final Memory) deals 50% less damage when in red life. (Whose redlife, it doesn't say.)

Akane: Aegis Reflector changed. Only hits once for high stun, and doesn't home in but has set distances.

Misaki: Reversal is now 22A or 22B. Air 214AB added.

Mio: Short-range: B Whip added. You can continue this into A Whip. Long-range: Press S to fly briefly. You can keep doing this and you don't lose airdashes from it. Storm-style runaway! Gay.

Mayu: 236A only goes into Ferret Uppercut or something now. 214A followups are altered somehow. Overdrive is now 23693S, not something insane.

EX Mizuka: Followups to 236 were added to the air version. Fly glitch removed (undocumented).

Misuzu: 421 (Poison) is changed; they both send sparks far away that drift to the enemy. A sends them upwards, B sends them behind, C sends two upwards. Feather super is 1-level only now. Book activation area is larger (undocumented).

Kano: Dives nerfed majorly. Something happened to her 236, 421, and 214 moves, but I'm not sure what.

Michiru (no, not Minagi): 623 moves added. Headbounce is now 421. 236236 changed. Dash C is an overhead. EX Michiru Kick wallbounces if close enough. Michiru Kick knocks down.

Doppel: You can add right or left to her throws now. Jin-Mode causes your super meter to remain constant.

There are no notes for Sleepy Nayuki or Ikumi. I know for a fact Ikumi's dust loop has been nerfed, though (see previous post). VMan says her clone supers are different in terms of timing/spacing, but this doesn't really make up for it, and they seem to be the same to me.

The guard meter system seems to be gone completely. The bars are at the top, but nothing changes them.

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