Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Shaman King

So I heard Shaman King was/is pretty good, and went out and downloaded all the translations I could find.
Then I realized [UR]DAN of #lurk had 32 volumes of raws, so I got all the raws after the scanlations finished.
I avidly read/picture skimped/dictionary used through all those volumes until 32.
At 32 I basically went, "Huh?" and then checked JP and english sites.
Seems like 32 was the FINAL volume.

And so...I am left with this hideously bitter taste in my mouth.
The manga just CUTS OFF at volume 32, with like a couple pages of epilogue.
The main villain is never confronted, they're in the middle of a series of fights which just STOP after they all go to sleep, and the manga just STOPS.
Did the guy really need that much of a break?
People blame Jump Shueishia, but I don't buy that bullshit, I think the guy burnt out.
BUT STILL, he could have paused it until he was ready, not fucking cut it off in the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE way he did.

I feel robbed of the time I invested in this manga and its characters and story line.

Think of Bleach ending when "Bad guy mysteriously vanished and everyone lived together in Soul Society happily ever after."
It's that level of getting kicked in the proverbial groin.


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Lilyes said...

omg, tell me that's not really the ending to bleach!!!

Hikaru no Go had a crappy ending like that too except it didn't really just cut off. I'm glad I didn't follow that series (shaman king).