Monday, December 04, 2006

Star Ocean 3

I've basically holy shit default font changed new blogger beta has made me stupidier I can't even choose a font number revert revert!
Anyway, I've basically hid myself from the internet (not really) and buried myself in this game.
It's silly, there is SO much silliness, for example you're on the way to tame a HUGE dragon, and your midboss is basically...Peter fucking Pan.
Why is Peter Pan in an ancient dragon cave in the middle of God knows where?
Who knows.
Things like that ("I'm a winner!) and the huge plot "twist" (lolwhat) made it hard for me to take any of the late game story conflicts seriously at all.

That being said, for some reason I still really like the characters, especially Maria.
Not sure why, I think I might have to add a blue hair to my bookworm/mage/yanderes with swords/random lolis deal (the random lolis category is falling further and further into obsoletion, which is good, because people always look at me funny when I say that category; primula is easily covered by mages, and Ren now falls under blue hair...Shana falls under yanderes with swords...if anything I sort of want to add in cold "artificial lifeforms," except GA's Vanilla failed spectacularly.)
Anyway I like Maria enough to want to draw her.
Except I have 260 battle trophies to take care of first.

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Lilyes said...

Where is the picture of this oh-so-beloved character? =P I know I've seen it before on your sn, but post it up!