Monday, January 01, 2007


So I finally stopped stalling and started watching Kanon (2006)...
It's like the old one +10, and they're going for 26 episodes.
Char development is off the charts, people I didn't like I like (Makoto's a lot cuter instead of being annoying), people I liked I like more.
Kyon as Yuuichi hits so many bullseyes it's ridiculous.
Yes it's sad girl in snow, but it's done so well it's putting a big silly grin on my face when I watch it.

I think...the post title describes what I feel sometimes watching this series...
Since I saw the old one I know what's going to happen, but seeing it redone is worth the time...

And of course I'm looking forward to two scenes:
The dance with Mai at the school.
The dance with Shiori in the courtyard.

No surprise these two are my favorite characters.
Person A: "You're fangirling out on me!"

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Lilyes said...

Now that makes me kind of want to watch it since I've finished up most of my more enjoyable anime collection and am now on a semi-hunt for new ones.

P.S. I got your card, one day after x-mas! ^_____^