Monday, March 16, 2009

Bachelor only version

This will be a very trees instead of forest post for lots of reasons if you KNOW WHAT I MEAN.
I preferred Hagi 9000x to Hop Kee.
Perhaps it's because Allan stole all the crab.
Snails were decent (not filling at all), clams were also stolen!
Flounder? was nice.
But I wasn't filled up at all.
Was tempted to deviate a little to Chinatown Fair haha cause it was literally 5 feet away.

Hagi though was oh goooooood.
Eel tempura with citrus salt mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
The yellowtail? collar MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
The tuna also was very nice (garlic was too strong), in all honestly, the chicken skin bacon, while really good, was probably bottom on the list in comparison to the rest!
Cause everything else was amazing!
Or maybe the fatty pork.
Again good, but below the amazing eel, yellowtail, tuna.
Also, tried some Choya (I don't drink.)
I could see myself drinking it again :V
Not beer though, if anything this weekend just REINFORCES the cold truth to me that beer is just fermented crap and you're just drinking fermented crap :V
I find it very hard to do more than sip.

Peter Luger steak is godlike, if you want to be a douche, ask for the burger at dinner.
"We make our burgers from the leftover steak so steak is better. What you don't like steak?"
"It's ok I guess."
"It's ok you guess?"
Then order salmon.
Then somehow eat that along with 6 slices of steak anyway!
As somewhat expected (I did research!) German potatoes were pretty unimpressive.
Creamed spinach was amazing though.
Steak was of course wow.
I actually felt they were different in toughness, probably just outside based.
Medium rare felt much tastier than medium.
I saved up hunger wise for this one so I ate like 10? or more pieces.
Also I could probably eat the whip cream (I think they actually make their whip cream right?) alone as dessert.

Hurf, chicken/lamb and rice, only good when hot.
Grays Papaya hotdogs are "ok," dohoho. (It's a hotdog, you can't really fuck that up.)
Zabar's was OK I guess, I didn't get the salmon bagel though so I probably CHOSE WRONGLY.

Yeah and that's all you get.


Xenozip. said...

Sounds like my kind of party. Congrats.

Grumpasaurus said...

YOUR fault for not being proficient enough in the crab eating!