Thursday, March 19, 2009

Million Knights Vermillion: A year Later

And you can see it's confirmed that Chihaya's voice actor will be playing an insane eyepatch openshirt and tie wearing AWESOME girl with huge scissors. (Already called Yuri)

Unfortunately the game footage looks extremely awkward as all heck, needs more frames.
You can't even really say "It's doujin" when you look at the credits, pro music, pro character design, pro seiyuu.
This supposedly comes out in a month?
I'll play it cause it has Yuri but like, come on a year of nothing sort of expected more.


Lilyes said...

Wah, looks really cool. I like the song~

Anonymous said...

yeah, I was really confused when after months there was still no update, and I'd have to agree about the frames and awkward movements, too. Come on, I want this game to be good!