Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Secret Meeting 2

Probably one of the best and worst things I have seen.
It seems like Matsuda (IaMP player, Youmu's wife), has been working on a fighting game based on...IaMP players.
As in, motion capped IaMP players.
It is so terrible and funny that all I can do is laugh.
There is a video of instant kills plus a combo video up.
It is...interesting, to say the least.
The characters, er players in the game include:
reize, ri-zu, matsuda, RIC, Joker, BT., Dark-man, uranagi, ym, honami, and B B B'
You can watch their IaMP matches on youtube.
I'll probably mirror both videos because of their terribleness.

Instant Kills

Combo Movie

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Xenozip. said...

Yes! Mirror them.